Nice to meet you!

I am a freelance visual artist and I trust working with my art. I love travelling to investigate new places and people, and to catch pieces of their stories.




  • Bar Negrito, Valencia, Spain
  • La Batisfera, Valencia, Spain


  • Cafè Tertulia 1900, Valencia, Spain
  • MuMe Museo delle Memorie, Villa San Giovanni (RC), Italy
  • Cafè Cracovia, Valencia, Spain
  • Cafè Berlin, Valencia, Spain



  • Estudio de interiorismo "Quimera Renovación", Valencia, Spain



  •   Valkiria Hub Events & Coworking, Barcelona, Spain
  •  Galeria "Bencini", Barcelona, Spain


  • Gymnasio "Nadir", Catania, Italy
  • Palazzo del Quirinale, Roma, Italy
  • Museo del mar di Palermo,Palermo, Italy



  • Presidio Ospedaliero Garibaldi, Catania, Italy
  • Ludoteca "Il teatrino di Maric", Catania, Italy
  • Orto Botanico di Catania, Catania, Italy


Cristina Cantone (Catania, 1991) is a plastic artist and her carreer is focused on Visual Arts and Photography since 2007.

She moves in Barcelona after her graduation in Fine Arts, during 2015 . There she studies a master in Photojournalism and Documentarism, conecting with the artistic contemporary context. That creative impulse combined to her passion to the acrobatic sport drive her to a several projects and collaborations with the movement as the main topic.


Her source of inspiration is the warmth, as about the human as for in naturistic therms: this is why she choose to live Valencia starting from 2017. There she study a master of Advanced digital illustration at ESAT while she works with local ceramics.


There in Valencia she take care about differents projects as "Vert_Ego", an itinerant painting exhibition that shows her personal point of view about the interactions of our deeply world and the social compromise.

The concept of TIME is an emblematic topic for her, as in painting like in photography. Both always are together, complementing each other. Her illustrations are simbols of the limited memory inside a specific moment.